Limin' in Lopinot

Beware of the ghost of Charles Joseph De Lopinot de la Fresilliere, a French Count who came to Trinidad in 1800.
He roams his estate house located in the village named after him (Lopinot). He was granted 478 acres of land by the King of England, planted cocoa & renamed his estate La Reconnaissance.
The estate house has been made into a small museum.

I had the opportunity to play parang on pan with The Lara Brothers in Lopinot! (see photo)
The Lara Brothers made up of Antonio, Tito, Willie, Victor and their father lgnacio became one of the most popular parang bands in Trinidad & Tobago.
Parang is folk music traditionally sung in Spanish.
Growing up our family listened to Parang music every Christmas season. To visit Lopinot, a village famous for its Parang was AMAZING!!! THANK YOU @derrickvi868 for this opportunity ❤