Mayor Arts Lunch

After performing for the reception of the Neighbourhood Arts Network last week, I was invited to both perform and present an award to an arts group that has made an invaluable contribution to the citizens of our city. What an experience! I was honoured to have the opportunity to perform with "PanMan Pat" McNeilly, Hameed "The Pan Piper" Shaq, and Jeff Walcott aka "Choco" as a strolling steelband (pan round the neck) to open the awards luncheon.  These musicians are pillars in the steelpan community and have paved the way for generations to come.

It was inspiring to hear the numerous stories about artists and art organizations that used their creativity to educate, inspire and uplift the many communities of Toronto.

Shout out and CONGRATS to CUE, Phillip Aiken, Jordan Tannahil and Michee Mee on their wins in their respected categories. Continue to be the example for those of us who are striving as well to make a positive difference.