These are the moments

Every once in awhile I meet people who are so enthralled by the steelpan, I smile a huge smile because that's how I feel too!

After a performance one afternoon, I visited Castries Barber Salon. This 40 year establishment always has instruments on hand: guitars, a djembe, bongos, tambourines and if you request it, a keyboard. A man came in with his son and daughter. Right away his daughter came over with the biggest smile on her face. I asked her what her name was and she said Alba. 

Alba tried my steelpan and became very excited. After showing her how to hold the sticks and hit the notes, we began learning the tune, "Mary Had a Little Lamb". 20 minutes later Alba had the learned the song on the steelpan. What an amazing moment. She was beaming with pride. Moments like these make sharing this instrument worth it. Who knows, maybe Alba will become the next greatest pannist. Time will tell...