Steelpan at Ripley's Aquarium

Another great weekend playing this illustrious instrument in the city of Toronto. This time I had the opportunity to perform at Ripley's Aquarium. This might be the closest I will be getting to tropical fish anytime soon.

Shaw Media was celebrating their annual holiday party for their employees and decided to host it at the Aquarium. Why not right?

There we fish everywhere, I saw a couple of sharks too but there was one tank that had me mesmerized. It was so serene, I felt a calmness come over me. 

The entertainment was a lot of fun. In addition to steelpan, I saw Moko Jumbie Jelly Fish (Stilt Walkers), a mermaid, and there was a caribbean dance troupe that did limbo and had the guests dancing as well. I need to go back to this place and really spend some time checking out the undersea life.