Suzette Vidale


Suzette Vidale is an innovative steelpan artist-educator.  
With roots from Trinidad, the home of the steelpan, Suzette has incorporated the rich and vibrant cultures of Toronto into her diverse repertoire.  

As an ambassador of steelpan, she has introduced this instrument, it's history and unique sound to local schools, charities and events which have included international dignitaries.
Performance highlights include the annual Mayor's Art Luncheon, the Toronto International Film Festival and the Toronto Pan Am Games.

Some accomplishments include receiving the Arts Network's BMO Seed Fund Award which was based on creating a unique project having a positive impact on Toronto. Last year she was awarded the 2017 "Woman In Pan Award" by the Pan Arts Network. 

Her love of working with children has allowed her to merge her craft with education and teach with a focus on cooperation and team building through the use of the steelpan. 
Future projects include workshops around STEAM education and teaching steelpan to visually impaired and blind students.
Wholeheartedly passionate about her pride in the steelpan, Suzette will continue sharing her craft with people from all walks of life and welcomes all to join her on the journey of "educating, entertaining and inspiring".

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